YouTube Channel and Monetization

YouTube Channel and Monetization

This is a YouTube Channel Course that is aimed at helping you to learn what it takes to create a YouTube Channel and also to monetize it. This course is beginner's friendly, and it is packed with a lot of new information considering the current trends in YouTube Channel success.

Our world has changed, people are making earnings in different ways by learning and getting entertained with YouTube videos. Google, the owner of YouTube is rewarding the creators of these videos by placing advertisements on videos.

If you are seeking how to earn money online legitimately, consider creating a YouTube Channel. This free YouTube Channel course is what you need now to get started. This course is presentation-based, meaning it is data usage friendly.

YouTube Introduction

According to Wikipedia, YouTube is an American online video-sharing and social media platform headquartered in San Bruno, California. It was launched on February 14, 2005, by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. It is currently owned by Google, and is the second most visited website, after Google Search.

Google acquired YouTube in 2006, and since then, it has continued to grow. Today, Google allows other creators to create and upload video content to earn money from advertisers. This is simply known as YouTube Partnership.

Creators on YouTube use different monetization strategies to earn money from the platform. All of this will be discussed in detail as we take this business venture journey.

Sit back and read on with open-minded for opportunities.

Choosing YouTube Niche

This section is done in a slide. Please use the NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons to go through the slide lesson.

Popular YouTube Niches

Below are some popular YouTube niches you can choose from.

  1. Technology & gadget reviews

  2. Health & fitness

  3. Cooking

  4. How-to videos

  5. Beauty & make-up

  6. Travel vlogging

  7. Fashion & styling

  8. Haircare & hairstyling

  9. Gaming

  10. DIY crafts

  11. Music & dance tutorials

  12. Pets & animals

  13. Education

  14. Celebrity interviews

  15. Digital marketing & blogging

  16. Motivational/inspirational videos

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Setting Up YouTube Channel

I have seen people asking questions like “How much does it cost to set up a YouTube channel?” Well, it is completely free to set up a YouTube Channel. In setting up a YouTube channel, you basically need a Gmail account.

YouTube Channel Creation

Here are the basic steps you will use to create a channel

  1. Sign in to YouTube from a computer or mobile device.

  2. Create a channel by clicking your profile image.

  3. You will be prompted to create a channel.

YouTube Profile Image

The next thing you will have to do is to upload your YouTube Profile Image. If you already have this in your Google account. You can use it or upload a new one for your channel.

If you have chosen to upload a new YouTube profile image, YouTube will redirect you to your Google account where you will perform that simple operation.

It is similar to other social media profile images.

YouTube Cover Image

Another thing you should use to brand your YouTube channel is by adding a YouTube cover image. This image will spread across the top of your channel.

When choosing a YouTube cover image. You should intentionally choose or design an image that depicts your channel, and not any random image.

Remember, it is safe to design your images yourself to avoid copyright issues. You can as well choose from free stock images. I will discuss this in detail later.

YouTube Playlists

Finally, use YouTube Playlists to organize or categorize your images so as to make it easy for your viewers to understand your channel immediately after they visit.

For example, if you are in the food niche. You can use playlists like local dishes, Chinese dishes, African dishes, etc to categorize your videos.

Editing YouTube Video

Before uploading a video to YouTube for public views. It is advisable that you trim, cut, crop, resize, and fine-tune the video before uploading. This is simply known as video editing.

Editing videos for YouTube can be tough and challenging, especially for beginners. Let’s look at different methods you can use to edit your videos.

Selecting a Video Editor

There are different kinds of video editors, some are free while some cost premium price.

Premium Video Editors

Here are some of the premium video editors that are used by professionals.

  1. Adobe Premier Pro

  2. Apple Final Cut Pro

  3. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

  4. DaVinci Resolve

  5. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

Free Video Editors

  1. NCH VideoPad

  2. Apple iMovie

  3. OpenShot

  4. VSDC Video Editor

  5. Shotcut

I will recommend that you check out the NCH VideoPad video editor if you want to use a free one too.

Using Online Video Editors

You can also use online video editors. This will help you to make use of already-made templates. Below are some of the online video editors you can use.


  2. InVideo

  3. Canva

  4. Adobe Spark

  5. Animoto

Outsourcing to a Freelancer

If you want to focus on creating videos and then outsource your video editing process to another person. You can hire a video editor from freelancer platforms like Fiverr or Upwork.

YouTube Title and Thumbnail

In essay writing, you devote as much effort to the art of the title as you do to the drafting of the essay itself. This is also the case with YouTube video titles.

YouTube Title

When crafting your YouTube title, there are things you should intentionally do to increase the Click Through Rate. CTR simply means the chances your video has to be clicked on based on the title of that video.

Below are things you should do:

Use simple words

Using simple and relatable words will help your viewer not to seek external help. The use of bogus jargon may scare your prospective viewers.

Consider character limit

Another vital thing you should consider is the YouTube character limit. Your title should be between 60-70 characters. Staying within the limit will enable your title to display fully across many devices.

Research for keywords

Unless you are a well-known person with a lot of subscribers. There is no point of creating videos people are not searching for. So always do keyword research, and include the keywords in your titles.

Include numbers and hashtags

Numbers and hashtags in the title will have a great impact on your videos. It will drastically increase the impression of your video with good chances of getting clicks.

Add emotive words

Did you know that viewers choose what to watch from their subconscious mind? Using emotive words like profitable, helpful, easy, competitive, best-selling, luxurious, etc will be a good help for your videos.

Avoid clickbait

Make sure you are not using clickbait. Don't promise in your title what your video cannot deliver. YouTube will soon find out if people click away from your video within seconds. And your video will be punished for that.


  • How to Sell Your Car in Less Than 60 Minutes! - Wrong

  • How to Sell Your Car: 10 Super Easy Steps - Right

Harmonize title and thumbnail

The title of your video should be in tune with your thumbnail. We shall talk more about thumbnails in the next section.

Use this free title generator tool to supercharge your YouTube titles.

YouTube Thumbnail

The YouTube thumbnail is the graphical image of your video. It helps you to see a quick snapshot of the video. When you upload a video to YouTube, YouTube will automatically generate a thumbnail. It is advisable that you design a custom image for all your videos.

Below are graphics design tools you can use to create a YouTube thumbnail

  1. Adobe Photoshop

  2. CorelDraw

  3. GIMP

  4. MS PowerPoint

  5. Canva

  6. Etc.

It is advised that your YouTube custom thumbnails have a dimension of 1280x720 (with a minimum width of 640 pixels)

Uploading Video to YouTube

After getting your video ready by shooting the video, editing it, crafting the title, and designing the thumbnail. Uploading a video to YouTube is a simple tax. But there are a few things you must make ensure you did correctly.

Uploading video

To upload your video to YouTube, you will have to do the followings:

  1. Go to YouTube and login into your account.

  2. Switch to YouTube studio.

  3. Click on the upload button and select your video.

  4. Click ok and wait for the process to complete.

Enter a title

The next thing to be done is to enter the title of the video. Please go back to the previous section and ensure you are keeping all the rules.

Enter a description

The description is optional but strongly advised. While watching the video, information from the description will show underneath it. You may use this area to include any additional information about the video.

Select visibility

You can choose from three settings in the privacy menu. The privacy choices are public, unlisted, and private.

Entering tags

To increase your video impression. You should also enter related keywords into the tag section of the YouTube video.

In this way, viewers who are not searching for the exact keywords on your title will still be shown your video if the keywords appeared in your tag.

Growing YouTube Channel

Below are some of the things you should consider in other to promote and grow your YouTube Channel.

Publish what your target audience wants

You want to make sure that whatever form of content you create is in line with what your audience wants.

Participation in the community

Although you may not think of YouTube as a social network in the traditional sense, the site does represent a dynamic community in which users interact with content via profiles, "likes," and comments.

Make your thumbnails unique

Creating custom thumbnails is one of the easiest yet most effective ways to promote your YouTube channel.

Shout it loudly

To encourage your social followers to become subscribers, you should advertise your YouTube channel on a regular basis. When a video becomes life, make sure to notify your fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Promote your previous videos

To get the most out of your older material, cross-promote your videos wherever possible.

Regularly publish contents

Consistency is essential in any online content development endeavor. Make sure you upload stuff on a regular basis. Instead of posting ten films all at once and then not uploading for months. It is preferable if you arrange it once a week.

Monetizing YouTube Channel

YouTube monetization, in its most basic form, is the possibility to earn money from your videos. To activate YouTube monetization, you must complete specific conditions and join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP).

YouTube Partnership Eligibility

The following are the minimum qualifying conditions for joining the YPP. With this qualification, you can earn money from Google AdSense.

  • Your channel has at least 1,000 followers.

  • You have at least 4,000 valid public watch hours in the previous year.

  • You live in a country that offers the YouTube Partner Program.

  • You have a Google AdSense account that is tied to your YouTube channel.

  • There are no active channels on your channel. Community Guidelines go on strike

  • You strictly adhere to all YouTube channel monetization regulations.

  • For an added degree of protection, you must enable 2-Step Verification on the Google Account linked with your YouTube channel.

How to Enable Monetization on YouTube

  1. Go to the YouTube Studio.

  2. Click Content in the left navigation bar.

  3. Select the video you want to monetize.

  4. Click Monetization in the left menu.

  5. Choose which ads you want to display on the video.

  6. Click Save.

Other Monetization Strategies

Apart from advertisement earnings through YouTube partnerships, here are other means you can use to monetize your channel.

Paid Sponsorships

Paid sponsorships occur when companies and corporations pay or sponsor a content producer to pay, use, or demonstrate their product in a video. When businesses contribute sponsorships to creators, it benefits both sides as well as the audience.

Affiliates Sales

Affiliate programs are another option to monetize your YouTube videos. Affiliate programs may help creators advertise their items. He or she can receive a commission on sales.

Channel Membership

YouTube channel subscriptions are a monthly fee in return for unique benefits.

YouTube Channel Advanced Tips

Here are advanced tips you can employ to further promote your YouTube channel.

Do giveaway or run a challenge

A giveaway is something that YouTube subscribers like. Create a YouTube contest or giveaway to encourage people to subscribe to and interact with your channel.

Embed your videos elsewhere

Some of the finest places to advertise your YouTube channel are outside of YouTube.

Use playlists to organize things

The more videos you make, the more difficult it is for viewers to explore your channel. 

Try live streaming

Live video is one of the most popular social media fads, and it's not going away anytime soon. YouTube has been giving live videos for years, but it has only lately gained traction.

Collaborate with others

Collaboration with other creators is a strategy employed by some of the largest YouTube stars to expand their following. Each cooperation exposes you to a new audience.

Run a YouTube ad campaign

With marketing becoming increasingly pay-to-play in general, you always have the option of increasing awareness with paid YouTube advertising. YouTube has a number of ad options to select from.


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