On this page, we shall highlight the services offered by Akanne Academy. There will be a link to pages that will give you all the detailed information you will like to know concerning particular services.

1. Online Learning

Akanne provides online learning resources to help you to learn different topics. They are broadly categorized into lecture materials, content creation, software tutorials, and so on.

You can learn from these topics online or download them as a PDF file to your device.

2. Digital Downloads

Akanne publishes digital products such as ebooks, templates, podcasts, checklists, and more. We have well-crafted digital products to help you learn the needed skills for your career.

Visit the digital download page to see the variety of products you can download from our store.

3. Corporate Training

We also offer ICT-Based training to institutions and businesses to help them get the best from their staff. Equipping their staff with all the required digital skills they need to help businesses thrive.

If you will like to know the type of training we do, please visit our training page.

4. Document Processing

For those pursuing academic careers, Akanne can help you process your academic document such as certificates, transcripts, recommendations,s and English proficiency letters, etc.

Here are details of how to get your academic documents processed.

5. One-on-One Coaching

You can also connect with us for one-on-one coaching on different areas like blogging, digital marketing, content creation, web development, coding skills, and so on.

Connect with us lest discuss your coaching schedule.