About Us

Getting to know about us, Akanne Care is a humanitarian organization that provides care services for special needs kids and fragile aged persons. We work with young men and women to provide care services to these set of individuals on a volunteer basis.

Akanne also maintains an active blog through which we give vital information on caregiver jobs and tips.

Our Targets

As stated above, we are particularly concerned about the following individuals:

  • Old Men and Women
  • Special Need Kids
  • General Care Assistant

We also guide parents and guardians on how they can help their loved ones.

You too can join us as a volunteer and help to provide selfless services to the world.

Contacts Information

Please use any of the following means to get in contact with us.

  • Email: akannedotorg@gmail.com
  • Phone: +234(0)8099001199
  • Social: @akannedotorg

Let’s work together for success.