4 Easy Ways for Promoting Your Health Club

Health is often said to be wealth, but very few people practice that mantra. Most people eat unhealthy in their lives and don’t get the required amount of exercise. As such, people become unhealthy over time. Thankfully there are health clubs around to help people get better. They can get some exercise, get proper diet guidance, and other benefits as well.

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As a health club owner, you work to provide these services to the people and you want to increase memberships at your establishment. You can easily do so by properly promoting your health club using different means. You can use some marketing strategies and create a promotional plan for your health club. But which ones to choose and how to use them? Read on to learn more.

Use Attractive Posters

Posters have multiple uses when it comes to promoting anything. Not only can you put them up physically in different places, but you can use their image file digitally as well. You can create these health posters using PosterMyWall. It has an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface using which even novices in graphics design will be able to create their required products.

Once you have these posters made, you may print them and put them up at your club and other places where you have permission to do so. You may also use the digital file for these posters as content to share on your social media accounts as well. They don’t need to be advertisements for deals and packages, some informational material can do as well. For example, if you have a custom drink or supplement coming out then you can use posters to promote them.

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Take this post below for instance, where a health club created a poster to inform their clientele regarding their new healthy shake. They put this poster up on their social media account but the same can also be printed and put up in different places.

Tell Success Stories

A great way to promote your health club is by showing the benefits of doing so. Not many are willing to put in the effort to get healthier. Those that do become an inspiration for others. Using the same principle, you may ask the members of your health club for some testimonials.

Ask the members who have successfully made their desired transformation to write or record a short testimonial video where they talk about it. You may ask them to mention your club there but briefly and tastefully. Doing so will create the impression that they achieved their goal at your health club and will be inspired to join as well.

Use Influencers

Influencers hold a lot of sway in the health and fitness community. Many possess bodies that most dream of and possess the knowledge to get them. As such, they are regarded as the local authorities on health and fitness. You can reach out to a few influencers in your community and ask them to record testimonials or endorsements for your health club.

You will likely have to offer something in return such as a free membership or at least a large discount at your establishment. Allow them to also film at your health club as well. As long as you can offer them a deal that benefits you both, they will agree to it and you will get the endorsement you need.

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Referral Programs

A great way to boost new memberships is by utilizing referral programs. It can benefit both your existing members and new ones as well if you offer the appropriate incentives. At the heart of a good referral program lies a good discount offer but only for those who are referred by active members and for the members themselves.

Go through your members’ list and see which ones have been around the longest. Then you may reach out to them regarding your referral program. For example, you may offer a certain discount for both the member and the person they refer. Or you may upgrade the existing member to a better membership tier while offering a discount to the new member. How you do this depends on you and which areas you can be generous in.

But the goal must be to offer incentives that compel the existing members to bring their family and friends to sign up for your health club.

In Conclusion

The key to promoting anything in the modern age is diversifying your marketing efforts. Another thing to note is to have a fine balance in your marketing efforts. Going overboard with email marketing and social media posts will annoy and turn prospective members away from your health club. Follow the advice above, do it tastefully, and you will be successful in your strategy.

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